Preset that will color text but leave Bold etc. in place

I find it VERY useful to color text for highlighting as I read and to define Styles such as Heading and Block Quote that I can immediately find in Nisus when I open compiled file.

However, I can’t find to define a present that will color text (blue for example) but leave other character formatting such as Bold and Italic in place. When the present is applied any character variations, such as italics, are lost.

Is there a way to have a present or other easy way to add color to text while leaving other attributes unchanged?

Given how character attribute presets work, this is not possible. They are all or nothing in their approach (it’s a technical limitation, sorry to day). The standard text colour tool in the Format Bar should suffice if that is all you are changing about the text, however. Now that there is a palette of easy to select swatches, it’s less of a bother to rapidly colour text with a handful of choices.