Presets: AGLC 3, small caps and auto numbering

Hello, the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC 3) style guide required for my thesis has requirements for each heading and subheading of a chapter.

I’m trying to set this up using presets, but the preset isn’t carrying over. The attached screen shot shows the formatted preset (I INTRODUCTION) in the top window. It includes two font sizes (my attempt at dealing with the requirement of large caps followed by small caps), all capitals and (ideally!) an attempt at auto numbering with Roman Numerals. However, although I couldn’t work out the auto numbering with presets, I had hoped that all caps, centred and font sizes would carry across, but I get the font and centred, but not the font sizing or all caps. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

It’d be great if there is a way to carry over not only the formatting style, but also the auto numbering. Any ideas would be really appreciated!