Pressing CTRL+G or CTRL+I does not ignore spelling.

I want to be able to perform Ignore Spelling via hotkey. When I right click a word that has a potential spelling error, I can click ignore spelling and it works, but if the cursor sits within that potentially misspelled word, and I press CTRL+G or CTRL+I, nothing happens.

The expected behavior is that when the cursor sits within the potentially misspelled word, it should ignore spelling of that word when I press CTRL+G or CTRL+I.

Anyone know why these hotkeys fail to Ignore Spelling?

Interesting. Just about an hour ago I discovered another pair of keys that are also not doing what they apparently should.

Ctrl+g, Ctrl+s together are supposed to move focus to the Project Search form, according to the tutorial. But that combination is not doing anything.

When I go to the customize keyboard window, I’m unable to get it to accept “double ctrl” key combinations like these two, which I remember using back in 1.8.

In Scrivener 1.9.x, the key combo works as: Press and hold the Ctrl key, press and release the G key then the I key and release the Ctrl key. What a mess to have to remember. That said, in looking through the keyboard shortcut list in Scrivener 3 Windows: Help->List of all shortcuts, that keyboard mapping (Ctrl+G, Ctrl+I) does not exist.
[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-04-27 223940.png[/attachment]
I suspect you are trying to use the old keyboard shortcuts and not the new ones. To check which shortcuts are in use, open Options->Keyboard and note the list at the top.

You can change that by importing the Windows 3 Scrivener keyboard theme or another theme, as you want.[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-27 223401.png[/attachment]

I suspect you are using the new Windows Scrivener 3 theme. Open Options->Keyboard to see which theme you are using.
[attachment=2]Screenshot 2021-04-27 223401.png[/attachment]
There is a list of all shortcuts found as a PDF in Help->List of all keyboard shortcuts…
[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-04-27 223509.png[/attachment]
Where you will find this:
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-27 224117.png[/attachment]

Oh wow, looks like it’s time to upgrade, thanks!

I am using whatever it installed with on a new first time installation and new project. It says (same as in your screen cap) “Scrivener for Windows v3(Modified)”

The modified is probably because I made a couple of shortcut key changes, but none the would have overridden either the key combination that the OP is asking about or the one I was asking about.

The options I see in the dropdown are the same ones as in the screen cap, but why would I want to use something other than the one forv3?

Some folks (and I was one during the beta just after the v3 shortcuts came out) stuck with the v1 shortcuts (modified) because I was used to them. I could have used the Mac shortcuts but didn’t want to totally confuse myself while working on a Windows box. Having options can be a good thing.

Having options is indeed a good thing. So is having application-wide customization too, But that’s not the issue here.

Using S3, with default S3 keyboard, the shortcuts indicated in the S3 manual are not working. I’ve come across additional multi-key shortcuts starting with Ctrl+g, followed by another Ctrl-letter, do not work as indicated. The default keyboard has been modified slightly, but not those key combinations, which also don’t work even after the S3 keyboard is reset to the default.

Other “options” for doing the same thing are of course available.

I haven’t been finding any that don’t work. However, if you are looking at the shortcut listing as such:
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-28 130457.png[/attachment]
That funny character there is the Windows key. I noticed that the blue column is the S3 default now.