Pressing Enter Makes It Jump To The Bottom Of The Page

I’ve been searching for this problem in the forum and haven’t been able to find anything like it. I apologize if I overlooked a post addressing this.

Whenever I press enter or try to scroll down using the arrow keys in a document, it jumps all the way down to the bottom of the page. This happens even if I’m in a new document and haven’t typed anything yet; empty space just “appears” and I’m in the middle of nowhere. Of course, once it brings me to the bottom and I press the up arrow key, it brings me back to the line I’m supposed to be on, which is now at the top of the page because the page has scrolled down. I can still do my work, but this bug is a little irritating. If anyone can help me fix it, I’d be grateful!

That doesn’t sound like anything intentional in the software. There is the Typewriter Scrolling feature, which will position the line you are typing on in the middle of the screen—and that feature has a preference where you can change the fixed line position in the editor (to the bottom quarter at the lowest). However, it wouldn’t behave precisely as you are describing. I’d check it anyway in the Format/Options/ sub-menu.

So to ask for a little clarification, does this problem persist in:

  • A new document? Just click the green + button in the toolbar and type a bit.
  • What happens if you paste the content from the first document into the new one, does it now start happening again?

It was happening in new documents (clicking the green button) and when copy/pasting from another document. But I tried the typewriter scrolling like you said, and it fixed the problem! Thank you!