preText (formerly MathBook) support

I would like to recommend that the developers have a look at preTeXt ( and consider supporting it directly.

preTeXt is an XML based document format designed to produce textbooks and research articles specifically. XSLT stylesheets are available to convert the source to webpages, pdf, and ebooks. It supports equations using MathJax, cross-references and interactive elements. The project is open-source, has been under development for over 10 years, and is supported by the National Science Foundation as well as several universities.

Authors using it now are writing directly in XML editors with tags everywhere, but its hierarchical structure of book>chapter>section>subsection is a natural fit to Scrivener’s binder.

I’m currently working on making a custom compile format for myself, but I’m afraid that it will never be more than a hack. I suspect that a subset of Scrivener users would benefit from full support of this output format.

Using Scrivener’s plain text markup features and the various options for prefixes and suffixes (around styles, around sections, around italics, around images and so on), it should be possible to create a pretty decent XML Compile format using the current tools, so creating a custom Compile format for this sounds like the best approach. It’s very difficult for us to write Compile formatters for everything, because were’s such a small team (I’m the sole Mac developer), and on top of the time it takes to research and write a converter, there is also the time required to maintain it.

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