Pretty completely wonderful...

I gotta tell ya, the first time I created a new file from within a Scrivening, and it appeared right there before my eyes, right in line with all my other Scrivening files, I broke into a broad grin. A cool application has just become chilled.


  • I agree with the suggestion that a Scrivening should appear in full screen mode whether you are coming from the binder, or the split-screen editor pane. This seems the most natural and expected behavior (after all, a scrivening trumps having a list of files loaded into History (in my opinion). Maybe some keyboard command could load a set of files into History for use in either split screen mode, OR full screen mode.

  • This must be an oversight since it works in both the Corkboard and Outline - in those views, the Reveal in Binder command shows either the single file you are editing, or the entire collection if you have highlighted them all. This should also be a available in Scrivenings.

  • The Up and Down arrows to move up and down the Binder are great - are there shortcut keys for this (CTRL + arrow)?

  • Hoist is a great feature. Are there shortcut keys? Toolbar icons?

  • In Scrivenings is there still the option to have alternating colored file backgrounds? (If not, the separation lines are a pretty nice alternative.)

  • When the split-screen editor is locked it would be nice if double clicking on a file in the Binder would open it in the alternate editor.

  • The color text icon is fab… of course, now I would like to have three more of them, one each for the four colors I use to delineate my writing.

My writing is now going to be twice as efficient, at least… unless I get caught up in playing with all the new features, in which case it will plummet to half.

Thanks again.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re excited about, it always did that…

Scrivener > Preferences… > Navigation > Locked in Place Behaviour :question:

Nope - when you created new documents you had to recreate the Scrivenings session in 2.0. Now the scrivenings session automatically updates to include new documents.

Sorry, I was referring to grabbing text from the Scrivening and dragging it into the binder to create a new file. That was not clear in my posting.

Are we talking about the beta? Then I’ll just be quiet :blush:

In that case I still don’t get it, because I tried what I think you’re saying, and it didn’t work :smiley: Nevermind, I’ll settle for understanding the bits I need.

Right, select a folder, enter Scrivenings mode, click in a scrivening, add a new document, and the new document appears, in the Scrivenings, ready for editing.

Yes, I get that part. I could do that in 1.5 too, which is why I got confused when it seemed to be presented as a new feature.

Then Michpen claimed to have referred to dragging text from a Scrivening to the binder, which when I try it opens that new document alone. So I don’t get that part.

On my way out the door, so apologies for the shortness of this–

Yes, it’s the same as View>Go To>Previous/Next Document, which have shortcut keys (opt+cmd+up/down arrow)

You can assign a shortcut key via Mac’s System Preferences.

No. Keith may at some point cave to the unreasonable demands of the populace and consider allowing you to change the background color or make other arrangements. Meanwhile, we all love the lines, right? Right. They’re sleek. :smiley:

Scrivener>Preferences>Navigation>Locked In Place Behavior, as someone already said.

See the help file under “Naming Text Highlights”; the process is exactly the same for adding text colors. (It may be under its own section too but I’m having trouble finding it, possibly because there was an American and British clash in the text and sometimes you have to search for “colour”… :slight_smile: Anyway, this works, I’ve done it.)

It’s different whether you choose “reveal in Binder” from the View menu or from the header bar. The former will show just the document where your cursor’s placed and won’t cover a selection; the latter will do sort of what you want, but it will show all the files in the Scrivenings session, not just select ones. Note that if you’ve selected a folder or doc group to view as Scrivenings, rather than individual documents, then the header “reveal” will show just that top level folder, but if you selected several documents then the “reveal in Binder” command will highlight them all.

Anyway, I do see what you’re saying about it feeling inconsistent, since you can highlight multiple documents in the Corkboard and Outline and reveal them both but you can’t select text and do the same in Scrivenings. I don’t know if that’s purposeful or not, given that the selection process is working differently anyhow.

Oh bugger, in returning to this post I see that the extensive reply I wrote earlier never made it. I think it came up with a review of Insignia’s post and I must not have chosen to continue posting my reply - dammit, I had replied to every point. Although Mimetic Mouton has now covered most of it (thanks!), here goes:

First, thank you, michpen, for the kind words!

On the list though it may not make the initial release; if not, then 2.0.1.

Opt-cmd-up or down (see the View > Go To menu).

We can’t supply toolbar items or shortcuts for every single command, but you can set your own keyboard shortcuts using the System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts settings.

The option to have alternating backgrounds for Scrivenings is gone for good. It transpired that this was one of the major factors in typing slowdown in 1.x, so the new dividers have completely replaced alternating backgrounds.

Ctrl-click in the binder and use Open > in Other Editor, or even better you can set it so that clicks in the binder automatically affect the other editor when an editor is locked, using the “Locked in Place Behavior” setting in the Navigation Preferences.

  • The color text icon is fab… of course, now I would like to have three more of them, one each for the four colors I use to delineate my writing.
    Not sure what you mean by “color text icon”, but if you mean the colour chip in the format bar, just click and hold it to change the colour.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Re: the line separators in Edit Scrivenings, I apologize if I made Keith sound mean. He’s not mean. He’s the God of All Writing Programs. :wink: I meant to include a link to the thread talking about that, which last night was making me go insane (trying to imagine how it would work with invisibles and not get chaotically confusing was bursting my tired brain) but I was in a rush and didn’t get it in there. But right, performance reasons for why lines trump alternating background colors.

As for the text coloring, michpen, what I thought you were talking about was adding customized colors to the “text color” menu so they’d be there in the dropdown from the formatting bar or the context menu. If you’re just accessing the colors generally, click and hold the text color button or use the right-click contextual menu to get them. You can add your own, though, by following the directions in the help menu (basically, you’re dragging color swatches into the color menu) and then those will also be instantly accessible via the menus.

Unless I’m missing something, this only seems to be true when the locked editor has a single file in it, but not true when the locked editor has a Scrivening in it.

I many be in the minority here, but I would like to have three or four text colors in the format bar always available, rather than having to 1) click, 2) hold, and 3) scroll, to change the text to a new color.

Incidentally “click and hold” is just a Mac synonym for “right click” in most cases. It’s for people with one mouse button that don’t want to use their keyboard Ctrl key. You can just right-click to get that menu instantly.