Pretty please add preference for binder offset


I am enclosing what my project looks like on Scrivener 2.0 on my 13" MacBook Pro. The window just fits with everything I need on it (displaying two panels at 75%). Such a wonderful increase in productivity, and “just fun quotient.”

However, what I really could use would be a little less indent in the binder (or, god forbid, a horizontal scroll bar in the binder panel). As you can see, my titles are scrolling off to the right and are hard to read. Any chance of putting this value into the preferences? (Does Scrivener have hidden prefs that can be set via the command line? This would be a great place for that.)

I love it, and I think I am still saving a slobbery kiss for Keith for creating such a great program!

You’re the one who has indented them so far - I can’t really account for every single folder structure ever Why don’t you just use the new “Hoist” feature to zoom in on your folder?

At any rate, the binder uses the standard indentation level for Apple controls, and while I don’t rule out a preference for, say, 2.5, there are no plans for anything like this in the immediate future.

Hoist is a good way to tame a deep hierarchy. Also remember that you can change the font size in the binder, too. I’ve actually always done this anyway, even if I don’t have a 6-deep outline, because I prefer that look. A third thing is to utilise the outliner more heavily. It’s a lot easier now to narrow down your focus in the outliner and then Cmd-1 to edit the section you’ve isolated.

I’ll go read about all those nice options. Thanks! (The Apple standard indent is too big, but then standards are a one-size-fits-all option by design)