Prevent paragraph from being split while compiling for PDF

Hi there!

I’m a new Scrivener user, and I’m using it to auto edit and publish my first book (a poetry book). I have compiled the book for mobi format and now I’m fine tuning it for PDF compilation (for a print on demand paperback book)

My question is: is there any way to prevent a paragraph from being split between two pages while compiling for PDF?

I’m aware of the Avoid widows and orphans setting, but that only prevents individual lines to be placed in the beginning or the end of a page. I’m trying to keep stanzas of a poem inside the same page. For example, I have a stanza of four verses which is split in two parts with two verses each. I’m using line breaks (CTRL+ENTER) to separate verses and regular paragraph breaks (ENTER) to separate stanzas.

Thanks in advance!

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I would like to second this. Better controls for poetry in general would be greatly appreciated.

In my case, I’ve used paragraphs for each line, so that I can get a hanging indent when lines wrap. This means I can’t use line breaks for each line.

An widow/orphan option to only break on a blank paragraph would solve this problem. In most cases, this is usually only 1 or 2 lines.

Thank you very much!

As an idea, this could be treated as an option to the widow and orphan setting. I think we have 3 modes: standard, preserve paragraphs, and break on blank paragraphs. As a software engineer myself, I don’t see this as too difficult to implement. (But also understand all of the other constraints that go along with software projects and have immense respect for what you have all done already!)

Generally speaking, Scrivener is not the right tool for final formatting in any work that requires this level of control. You’ve already done the part that Scrivener focuses on.

You can take more control of the breaks by enabling Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Keep with Next for the text. That will make the breaks fall on an empty line whenever possible—which, in the case poetry with short stanzas, should do just what you want.

Normally the tool is used for keeping a title and subtitle together, that sort of thing, not applied in broad strokes to all the text. If you do have longer stanzas that will need to break across a page, you may find that it breaks oddly when KwN is enabled, in which case your first step should be turning it off for that specific text. You may end up wanting to be a bit more surgical about it, but it’s probably worth giving it an initial try with it applied throughout to see how close that gets you to what you want.