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As soon as I write text in the “Documents Notes”. A line with the text: TEXT is shown in the first line, when I do a print (pdf or to the printer). The same is happend when I export to word. WHY? Is there anything I have done in the “preferenses”, or is this a bug?
When the “Documents Notes” is empty, the prints an export is as I want them. : :smiley:

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If you select both text and notes to be exported, then subtitles are added to indicate which is the text and notes (so no, of course it’s not a bug - it would be a very weird but that added text!). Just choose not to include the notes in the print or export.

Thanks Kevin, now I understand why. I have to live with this. :confused:


For the love of all that is sacred, who is this Kevin person that people keep referring to? :confused:

Shame on me. My eyes and brain have to be reebooted. :blush:
Sorry Keith it was ment for you.


You’re not the first! I get it about three times a week for some reason.

Regarding the “Text” subtitle, I’ve added an option for this in version 2.0, so you can turn off these subtitles if you want to export text, notes etc without them in the next version.

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Must be the Scrivener version of the Kevin Bacon Game. :smiley:

Thanks Keith.
There is another way too. If the title is market, then the “text mark” dissappear. I want to show the notes on the first, and my be the second print. It is important to me, especially when i writes biographies.
In my workflow I separates the text with the titles. No needs for the “text marker”. But as I said, I need the notes. :slight_smile:
BTW: How to left align the title?

Uncheck “Center” in the Formatting pane of Compile Draft.

Directions for turning off printing of “Text” in a compile are in the Scrivener 2.2 manual under the boldfaced heading Insert subtitles between text elements (page 336). To locate the control, select File > Compile > the Formatting pane of the Compile drop-down, then click the Options… button.

AFAICT, that works for the Binder’s content… but not for material stored outside it, for instance in the Reference folder. They still print with an underlined subhead “Text”.

How do I turn off printing of the subhead “Text” when printing materials from the Reference folder, without turning off printing of notes? I am just selecting documents and printing them (to preserve my formatting), not doing a Compile.