Preview window in Compile

I do not, and never will, understand all the technical terms in the compile window. With that admission out of the way, I’d love to see a preview window in the Compile pane, so that I can see exactly how my MS Word docx file is going to look. It would save a lot of saving, opening the doc in Word, inspecting and deleting the doc, then back to Scrivener and repeating the tedium.

Of course, with or without such a feature, Scrivener remains head and shoulders above the rest of the field!

The problem is the compiler supports all kinds of formats, and not all of them are well suited to some kind of preview interface like you describe, and some just couldn’t be displayed at all such as e-book files. There are also other problems with speed, is it going to sit there and recalculate for twenty seconds every time you click a checkbox?

Meanwhile, would a more efficient approach be to just compile to Print and preview as PDF? Then you are not making disposable documents, and the result is going to be as accurate as we can make it anyway. The only way to see exactly what a .docx file is going to look like in Word is to use Word.

I would add “…with the settings you have made in your installation of Word” (since how something looks in my copy of Word may not match how it looks in your copy of Word).