Newbie question, considering the purchase of Scrivener.

Does Scrivener have a built in way to preview MultiMarkdown files?

Most of my writing will be for the web. Love the simplicity of MMD but it would be very helpful to see it as I type or preview it in some way. From what I am reading on the forums, it looks like I need to do some added configuration to make that happen but it’s possible. Thought someone might be able to just give me a quick answer if this feature is built in or not.

If not, can you provide a link to the best step by step directions to make it so if that is possible.
Thank you

Art Wheat
SiteSteward, Inc.

There’s no built-in preview capability in Scrivener, but you can make your own with Snow Leopards Automator. You will have to create a “Service” type Automator action with a simple shell script (see screenshot below), that shows an HTML version of selected text in your default Browser.

Before your proceed you should get the latest version of MMD as the script relies on it: … downloads/

The .service file should be saved to \Library\Services in your users home folder. It’s also possible to assign a system wide keyboard shortcut to it (e.g. Shift+Alt+Strg+Cmd+M) via Mac OS X’s Keyboard Preferences.