I have written a white paper, I would like to preview in the compile window. The current preview option just give continuous text without pages breaks, which is useless for me.

Currently I have to save my project as pdf and then open to see the format.

is there is a direct preview option for a certain option ( like pdf) that gives the exact view ( pages, breaks etc) before compiling.

The compiling option just involves one extra step of saving, which I do not want.

The preview option is just that – the program’s best guess. You won’t see a full rendering of your project without going through compile and saving the output.

Scrivener is not intended to be a layout program, so if you need to do a series of tweaks and edits to get your paper to look good in a specific format, you may just want to compile to RTF/DOCX and open it in your favorite layout program to proceed from there.