Previewer and empty line/single return in Compile

Kindle Previewer allows you to view a .mobi as if you were using a Kindle e-ink, Kindle Fire, or Kindle for iOS device. When I compile and set my Text Separator to a single return or empty line, it compiles what we’d think of as a nice double-carriage return for the e-ink, a sort of compressed double-return for Fire, and no return at all for iOS. Is this a problem? Am I relying too much on Previewer? Should I be concerned? Thanks!

I tried but wasn’t able to duplicate this at all, so I’m not sure if I’ve understood what you’re seeing. I would rely on Kindle Previewer for a fairly accurate assessment of what the book will look like on those products, so this does sound like something we’d want to sort out. Bearing in mind that the actual distance for the line and paragraph spacing is going to depend on the device’s settings, you should still see a difference with the single return or empty line in this case, and you shouldn’t ever be getting the text actually running together into one paragraph.

Are you using Scrivener 1.5.7? It’s only been in the last few builds that empty lines in ebooks have included a blank space, to prevent the ereader from collapsing the empty line. I don’t think the Kindle ever did this the way some other readers do (e.g. Adobe Digital Editions), but I may be wrong on that. So that would be one thing to double-check. Also make sure you’re up to date with the latest version of Kindle Previewer. If all of that seems right, creating a dummy project from Blank and compiling a couple documents with the different separators. Does that look right in Previewer?

Thanks, Jennifer (MM)! I am up to date on Scrivener and I will stop being lazy and do some screen-saves of what I see with Previewer that caused me to ask this question.

Using 1.5.7. Chapters are folders beneath “Manuscript” from novel template. Contents of chapters are in notes subordinate to each chapter/folder. “Text Separator” is set to empty line. These screen captures show differences between Kindle Previewer modes. Thanks!

I’ve been playing with this, compiling text from version 1.5.7 and viewing in Kindle Previewer 2.85, and I’m still not getting quite what you’re seeing. There is definitely much less of a space for the empty line in the iOS previews; comparing it side-by-side with the single return, I can see the difference, but it’s barely noticeable:

If you shrink the font size, it becomes a bit more evident.

All the others are showing me a decent sized empty space, however, and easily contrasted with a single return, e.g. in Kindle Fire HD 8.9":

This is just with the default settings of Kindle Previewer (and I’ve jiggled with the font size a bit, as mentioned above), but there aren’t that many options you can set in it. So it still doesn’t seem to match quite what you’re getting. Did you try another project, e.g. just throwing some text in a new blank project and compiling with the different separators? All I can think is that there’s something particular set in your project’s formatting that’s affecting this, but I’m not seeing what that could be.

Have you also double-checked that your installed Kindlegen is up to date? 2.8 is the latest.

THANKS, Jennifer! Yes, I’m running Kindle 2.85, but thanks for reminding me about how altering font size on the Kindle (or its previewer) can fool the eye. I will keep experimenting and report back! :slight_smile: