Previewing synopses for print

As a newcomer, I’m feeling pretty clever to have figured out how to print my synopses to 6" by 4" index cards this way:

  • Viewing my script in scrivening mode while I add text to the synopses of my pages
  • Editing my Page Setup dialogue and selecting 6" by 4" output
  • Print Previewing my script
  • Selecting ‘Print’ from the resulting preview pane

However, to squeeze the maximum number of words onto a card requires a painful back and forth workflow, where I have to add or remove words >> jump into Print Preview >> scroll down to the relevant synopsis page to see if my words are still on the one card, or flowing onto the next >> quitting Print Preview and editing some more.

I am praying there is a better way to preview… A kind of WYSIWYG preview to reduce the above burden.

Yours hopefully
Byron Bay