Previous license and/or upgrade

I had previously bought and used Schrivener on an El Capitan (10.11.9) Mac mini which -unfortunately- “died” do to mechanical failure… I now have a replacement Mac mini, of a slightly newer vintage, running Catalina (10.15.7), and I’m “good to go!”

Except for the purchased software I had installed on the old machine… To my dismay, I discovered that my Time Machine backups couldn’t be accessed because of the differences between the operating systems!

I’m -however- hopeful that your company maintains records of purchases and licenses and can replace such when they’re lost (or offer a reduced price for an upgrade…).

We do, but we aren’t able to keep records indefinitely due to Europe’s privacy regulations. (We’re a UK company.)

Our license retrieval page is here:

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket, here:

Wow! As before when I had a problem, your response was speedy and pertinent… (I knew there was a reason I paid the list price — even though you told me I didn’t have to, because of the version my OS supported! :slight_smile: ) Got your email, clicked the link and retrieved a license code within a minute: Thank you very much.