Previously erased hightlights export to mobi file. Help!

Just as I said, there are some sections of text I highlighted during editing. Now, even though I cleared the highlights, they are exporting in the mobi file. Suggestions?

It would depend on what steps you’ve taken, for instance what actions did you take with the keyboard, menus or buttons to clear the highlights? I’d also mention that in general there is no need to clean up your highlights before compiling. You can opt to strip them all out automatically during compile, with the Transformations compile option pane’s Remove highlighting checkbox. We’ve tried to make it so editing tools can be used freely without hours of making the text presentable at the end of the editing process.


Yes, I do appreciate the flexibility of Scrivener in manipulating text.

And thank you for your answer, but yes, I did try that, and no, it did not work. :frowning: I literally have tried all the options available in the program to do this.

I’ve even exported it a plain text file, (which really should be plain text) and then cut and repasted the sections that had highlighting back into the main folder. Highlighting still there.

I’m facing the bleak process of rebuilding the file and retyping the corrupted sections back in. :unamused:

Every once in a while I run into some screwy formatting issue with Scrivener and it just drives me batty. Last time a section of text refused to format into the correct font size. In my frustration I just let that pass. :blush:

Any help you can give I’d appreciate.




How are you previewing the MOBI file and are you certain that the device isn’t serving up the original file, perhaps held in cache?

Do a test by adding one new word to the file, compiling to MOBI, and seeing if the new word gets added or not.

If it doesn’t, make sure you delete the MOBI file from the Kindle or previewer, or just try giving the new output a different file name to force the device to serve up the latest file.

Also, if you compile to a different format, does the problem persist? If not, that is an indication that the issue is outside of Scrivener.

Good luck.


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Even more curious, I stripped out the chapter with the largest amount of highlighting, trashed it, and emptied the trash. Then I took the plain text file, repasted it into a new Scrivener file, and exported the chapter into the main file.

Trashed the mobi Book file. Recompiled.

Highlighting still there.






Thank you for your post. Deleting the file in the Kindle viewer did the trick. Funny how some changes in different compiles would change in the preview according the settings I changed (leading me to believe that a new file was uploaded) but the highlighting did not.

But hey, it’s fixed now and I thank you for your suggestion. I can put the book on Amazon now.