Print an Outline

I’ve seen loads written about this, mostly about how people are struggling to do it.

Is there a simple way to send an outline to the printer? If so can someone post an idiot’s guide explaining what should be the simplest task.

Thanks in anticipation


So long as you don’t have a long list of demands of it, this is indeed quite simple:

  1. Select the group in the binder you wish to print as an outline (Draft, for instance).
  2. Switch to Outliner mode (⌘3).
  3. ⌘P to Print.

Options are found in the File ▸ Page Setup…, under the Scrivener section, set at the top. Refer to §26.3, Printing Outlines in the user manual PDF for more information.

But if you want to get into custom outline formats and designing the layout of the page and all that—sure, that can get a little complicated, like anything that gets into creative waters like that—but we have some starting points as stock Formats to work from. I’d imagine one could design a pretty decent looking outline without customising anything, just using the provided layouts:

  • Enumerated Outline
  • Full Indented Outline
  • Outline Document