Print Binder showing Hierarchies

When I print the binder (using File/Compile, and unchecking “text” and checking “titles”) I get a file that is all one hierarchy (all titles on the left margin). Is there a way to print the binder so it appears on paper the way it is on the screen. I really need this capability. Thanks.

P.S. I love this product. I have several writing projects going on it after only having it a month.

I’m afraid there’s not a way to do this with the current compile options, no. It will definitely be coming, though, as this is a 2.0 Mac feature, along with the ability to print directly from the outliner.

Until this becomes an option, I was able to insert leading spaces in front of subdocument names to push them to the right after they appeared in the compiled doc. You could also use characters or numbers to accomplish this. When I compiled, the entire list was centered and I had to select it and change it to left alignment. Not a perfect solution, especially if you are wanting label colors to show up, but it beats having to type the entire list from scratch.

The other solution is to buy a Mac… :laughing: