Print button greyed out

Help! Why is this happening? Are there restrictions on what can be printed? It is a pages document I dragged into Scrivener. Does this mean I need a separate folder outside of Scrivener? Rather defeats the purpose.

Oops, I should have said external editor.

Open in the “other editor” (Pages) and Print from there. Scrivener doesn’t take the place of every app on your device.

I believe the command you meant to show is “in External Editor”. Opening the Pages file in the “Other Editor” would just open another split in Scrivener to preview it a second time.

That aside, yes, Scrivener has on idea how to print a Pages file, nothing does really, except for Pages.

Many thanks. As per next comment, it is External Editor and that works to print. Hurrah!

Doh! I should have tested my answer.