Print chapter number dynamically in header on compile (Windows edition)

It would be helpful to be able to dynamically print the chapter number using the shortcode <$t> in the header (along with page number, author name, etc). Not so much for final submission but for my own convenience in editing and proof-reading. In the Windows edition, the shortcode currently is not available in the header.

Apologies if this has already been requested and I missed the post. Many thanks for a truly outstanding piece of software.

Many thanks.
Andrew Gadsden

Running Scrivener for Windows, version

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but auto-numbering chapters using ‘Chapter <$t>’ is already a feature in Scrivener for Windows. The best way to go about doing this depends on what your binder structure looks like. See the following tutorial: … a-prologue

“In the header” - not the chapter title.


When reading or sorting through a printed manuscript it would make it easier to find the start of a particular chapter.

As stated in the original post, tokens are not available in the header.