"Print Current Document" does not work

Hi from a beginner!
I have been using Scrivener for a few months now and love it more each day. But…
I can’t seem to use the “print current document”-function. When I click the respective icon, the usual print menu pops up, my printer is selected, as is “all”, I click PRINT, but my printer doesn’t react. (And yes, it is switched on and connected to my computer!)
Any ideas why my printer doesn’t cooperate? It works fine with Word, Final Draft etc.

I use Windows 8.1, the printer is a Canon MP560.

Thank you for help!!


Has anyone any answers?? I would really like to be able to print my documents without having to export them first!

Thanks for help!!!

Hello Revon,
Frustrating that no one has replied yet. For what it is worth I don’t think the problem is with Scrivener as it works fine here. When the print menu comes up make sure it has your printer selected and not selecting print to file. Good luck with it until someone with an answer comes along.

Thanks Shass,
what’s really odd: I can print index cards using the print menu. So somehow my printer is able to communicate with Scrivener. Why doesn’t it print documents???