Print current document

Beta 29, I wanted to print a single document, so hit File -> Print Current Document (Ctrl+P) and it asked me for an output file name. I was expecting the usual print dialog, where I could choose the printer, and such. Did that functionality get taken out for this beta version, and I missed that in the notes?

No, this is just a bug–using Print Current Document doesn’t bring up the dialogue as it should but goes straight to your default printer; if there isn’t one set for that account, Scrivener will try to use VeryPDF which usually ends up not actually doing anything. Since you did get a message asking about a filename, it might have been trying to use something like a PDF writer or a Send to OneNote sort of “print”. Try opening your Printer settings from the control panel and make sure that the printer you want to use is set as the default, then restart Scrivener and try printing again. Someone else just reported another bug with this so I’m still re-testing things–the last time I went through this thoroughly was for 028 and while I don’t think anything has changed yet in this regard there might’ve been something thrown in that’s making it not print properly even with the default printer set right. Let me know if you have any success with the instructions above.

If all else fails, you can still use Compile to just print off the couple documents you want; that launches the printer dialogue correctly.

Ha, my first though was along the lines of “Why is it printing to a pdf printer when that’s not my default!” Then I checked it. Nope, VeryPDF is my default printer. I’m almost positive I didn’t do that. I don’t print pdf’s that often, and when I do I use CutePDF, which I also have installed. I changed my default, and that worked.

As I said, I don’t use VeryPDF, didn’t even know it was there (and I’m an IT Admin, I know what I put on my computer usually). Was that installed with B29? It shouldn’t be setting itself as the default without asking. Either that or I clicked ok without reading things. That’s entirely possible as well as I do that a lot.

I did do a compile to a pdf, and that worked fine also. Thanks.

VeryPDF would’ve been installed with Scrivener if you didn’t already have it (it allows Scrivener to compile to PDF), and I have a sneaking suspicion, as yet unproven (but now that you’ve confirmed this I’ll do some specific testing on it) that Scrivener sets that as the default–kind of the way I have a sneaking suspicion that OneNote set “Send to OneNote” as the default printer, since I’m sure I never did that either, but lo and behold the other day when I tried to print it wanted to go to OneNote. I’ll be sure to let Lee know it’s occurring; it may have to do also with how the previous default was set (whether it was specifically set by the user or whether it just…ah, defaulted to something automatically.) Once you’ve reset your default back to CutePDF or whatever you typically use, Scrivener should abide by that and not switch it again. And thanks for following up with this; glad you’ve got it working now.