Print/Export items in the Research Folder

I would like to be able to print my notes easily, by selecting a folder and printing it and its sub-items (and optionally their notes and metadata).

I would also like an option to export a folder and its sub-items (and optionally their notes and metadata) to a single file.

And honesty to Gumby I’d be happy even if the print/export excluded non-text items.


You can print any item using File > Print. Using Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener… you can choose which elements get printed (synopsis, notes etc) - although you cannot print notes etc with anything other than text files. (And you cannot print multiple documents unless using Edit Scrivenings - see below.)

The Draft folder is the only area that is intended for “compiling” into one file in Scrivener, but you can of course use Edit Scrivenings to combine multiple documents and then use File > Print to print them from any folder (with the elements chosen in Page Setup - synopsis, notes or whatever), so this should pretty much do what you want.

All the best,

Ah, I did not know that. That does exactly what I need. Thank you!