Print only synopses?


Is there a way to print only all synopses?


Sure, this is pretty easy to do with the compiler, and in fact we may have a preset that already does what you want. Check out the “Synopses and Titles” preset from the Format As drop-down at the top of the compile window.

If that isn’t quite right, and you want to customise the output, the main place you would do so is in the Formatting compile option pane. For example if you did not want titles at all, you could Opt-click on that checkbox column to disable all titles at once. If you wanted to get rid of indenting for nested items, you could remove all of the indented rows from this list by selecting them and then clicking the “-” button in the top-right of this table here, leaving only three “Level 1+” rows.

Perfect, thank you. Sorry to bother you with that – should’ve been able to find that myself. Was a case of I was looking right at it but not seeing it!

No worries! Glad to help.