Print Outline View

I created Index Cards for each section of my novel. (They are the folders for the chapters that go in each section. The sections are folders of the First Draft.) I can see the Index Cards in Index Card view, as well as in Outline view. I’d like to Print the Outline view but I can’t get the Preview to show any text on the page. Any ideas?

You can’t print the outline view as such, but you can print its contents. To print your outline, go to File > Export Draft and select only to export titles and synopses (you can save these export settings). Then click on the “Print” button.

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You are amazing! I have literally never been this happy with a software product – especially one that’s for writing!
I’ve blogged about your twice and included the link to your site. I hope it generates many hits :laughing:

Thank you. :slight_smile: