Print PDF to 'Research folder'

I’m sure this must have been requested before, but I can’t find it. It’s only a ‘nice to have’.

I’ve collected a fair bit of research for my project. I’d like to be able to take advantage of the simple ‘print to…’ facility in OS X, allowing me to ‘print’ a PDF (or another document, e.g. a web page, as PDF) to the research ‘folder’ in Scrivener.

This ‘print to PDF’ is pretty easily accomplished in many programs, as you know, by putting an alias to a document folder known-to or controlled-by an application into the ‘PDF Services’ folder of the ~/Library.

But Scrivener doesn’t seem to have any actual folders in its project package. All the documents I can see in mine are in the top level of the package, designated with an internal number (and accompanying notes and synopses files). Each is listed in a sort of XML ‘database’ belonging to the Binder.

Would it be possible to find a way around this in the future? For example by allowing ‘research’ that would be visible in the Binder to be stored either outside the Scrivener project package or even inside the package (assuming that ‘PDF Services’ can alias a folder inside a package… I don’t see why not).

Thanks for considering.

The trouble is that there are a number of Scrivener projects, so how would the service know which project to direct to? And, as you note, there are no folders inside Scrivener packages for such things, so that would require a file structure redesign just for this one feature. It’s not a bad idea, but I don’t see how it fit or work properly in Scrivener right now. I’ll bear it in mind in the distant-ish (2.0 maybe) future…

Thanks for the suggestion and all the best,

I might be misunderstanding Keith’s answer, but it seems to me that other “multiproject” applications manage this by inserting the “printed” PDF to where the cursor is in the currently active project.

Voodoopad is one such application.

Anyway - its a feature I appreciate very much in VoodooPad, and I agree with the initial poster that this would be a nice addition. Of course, I have no idea of the work needed to make this feature work, so hey. :slight_smile:

Otherwise - this is my first posting - thanks for a not only usefull but also very enjoyable application.