Print preview margin error

When I go to print preview, the preview adds additional margin to what I’ve set in page setup.

To fix it, I must click the page setup button within print preview, which brings up a box showing the correct margins, and when I click “ok” the margin returns to the correct setting. I have to do this each time I do a print preview.

This does not affect the margins when printing, it only affects the preview (which I use a lot as it’s the only preview option in scrivener).

I’ve tried to fix this so far by changing printers, changing the margins to be varying widths, reinstalling scrivener, and uninstalling/reinstalling scrivener.

Running scrivener 1.9.0 on windows 7.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Thanks for pointing this out to us. You’re correct in that it does just appear to be affecting the print preview itself rather than altering the margins for the actual printing. I’ve filed this as a bug in our system.