Print Preview window too narrow for its toolbar

Greetings Team Scrivener

On the Print Preview toolbar, the most important button is truncated: the Print. At least on my screen it is. So if the user wants to click that button, he must widen its parent window or undock the toolbar anew each time, as Scriv does not retain the resized window’s position and dimensions for subsequent use.

The Print Preview window, in my view, should be put out about 50 pixels wider. We can see when we undock the bar that it has exactly the same width as its parent window. This suggests that the parent window has not been sized to accommodate its own borders around the toolbar, perhaps depending on the Windows theme. That’s why I’d deem the truncation a bug, though of course resizing the window is just a minor annoyance.

Thanks for investigating.

Rgds – Jerome

Hmm, I tried accessing Print Preview from within two different Scrivener projects, which have significantly different window sizes. In both cases, the Print Preview window was smaller than its parent (smaller in both width and height). The two PP windows seemed to be the same width, but to have heights proportional to the differing heights of the parent windows. But the PP window in each case had all its toolbar icons fully displayed, including Print on the right end. In fact, its width seemed to be sized precisely to accommodate the toolbar.

So that’s not much help for you, I’m afraid. This may be related to how you have your Windows display settings set. What version of Windows are you using, and what are the display settings?

Thanks DavidR, you’ve pointed the way. On the menu Options > Appearance > Fonts > Menus & Windows I’ve reverted to the default font, which is MS Shell Dlg 2 [11], and voila, full toolbar with the printer icon.

Now, I’ve been using that typeface at 16 point. But even at 12 point, the printer icon is cropped. So that’s a tightness reminiscent of airline seating. I know there are some scaling problems with the framework, but, by my measure, the Print Preview window is displayed at a width of 820 pixels, and a mere 832 would be sufficient to present the toolbar in its entirety with a 16 point Menus & Windows font.

Devs, please consider. Thanks again, DavidR.

Rgds – Jerome

Quoted reply was a superficially plausible, fake linkspam response to my three year old inquiry. Hope it will be removed forthwith.

For what it’s worth, I was losing a portion of the horizontal toolbar, not of the page being previewed. I addressed this minor annoyance with an AutoHotkey command that runs on a timer among other commands, and stretches any window called “Print Preview” if it’s exactly 808 pixels wide, the size at which Scrivener displays it.

Still maintain that Scrivener, the information manager extraordinaire, could be keeping better track of how the user prefers auxiliary windows such as Print Preview and Scratch Pad to be shown.

Cheers - Jerome

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