Print Research

I have a lot of images etc. in my research folder. I find the images can’t be copied and I can’t compile anything in that folder, even though the manual seems to say I can. Is there any way around this? I’d like to export the images and other material to use elsewhere without having to print out each one as a pdf.

Just select the images in the binder and then choose File>Export to copy them out exactly as they are to whatever location you choose.

I’m not sure where in the Manual you’re referring to, but generally speaking only the Draft folder can be compiled. Compile only works for text items (images and such can of course be embedded into the text), and the Draft folder disallows other items in it for this reason. You can select other options for compile–e.g. a collection or the current selection–which will allow you to compile text documents outside of the Draft, but that still won’t work for your images; export is what you want for that.