Print selection

I was looking for a way to print out a selection only, but couldn’t find a command for this.

Any ideas? In the meantime I did a copy&paste to a new document and printed this out.

There are two ways you could go about it. If you want to run the print job through the compiler, you can do so. Just visit the Contents compile option pane and set the compile group to “Current Selection” at the top. Now you can set the “Compile For” drop-down to Print, and you should be done.

Note that will follow your current compile rules, so if that doesn’t work right and you don’t want to mess with settings, a far easier (and less flexible) approach is to just set your editor mode to Scrivenings, and hit Cmd-P to print like you normally would. This will basically just print the text out for all selected documents with a header for identification.

It’s mainly meant for proofing, but you can tweak it a bit in File/Page Setup…. Change the settings to Scrivener, then click the Options… button and set things up in the “Text Documents” section. You can for example change the font, insert titles, and even strip out annotations and things like that.

Eurr, are you sure this is for Scapple and not for Scrivener? Can’t find any compile options in Scapple…

I did post in the correct Forum, did I?? Check… Scapple, yes, should be the right one…

Oops! Right you are, I was in a Scrivener groove yesterday and didn’t notice I’d switched forums. :slight_smile:

Anyway, what you are doing with copy and paste into a new board is the best way.