Print Selection

Hello is there a way to print the a selection from scapple instead of the whole document?

I’m aware that I could copy and paste a selection to a new Scapple document and the print it however;
it messes up the the text wrapping (If I’ve stretched a note to fit on one line when I paste it to a ned document it does not retain the “stretch”.

System Info: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3, Scapple Version: 1.3.1

I have solved all my Scapple print problems by first saving my file as a PDF (using the normal print dialog box). Then in the PDF, I zoom and maneuver until I have my screen looking exactly how I want the page to print. Then I click “Print” and check the box that says “Print current view.”

Voila! Perfect print every time. I use Scapple for large complex outlines of classes or papers I’m composing. Scapple defaults to mashing everything into one page. In PDF format I can scale my view on my screen so that no boxes are cut off and all boxes are legible. I easily scroll from page to page and use “Print current view” until I have my entire document printed just as I wish.

What software are you using to print your pdf?

Why not make a screen dump instead? You could arrange your Scapple window so it shows exactly what you want and take a screen shot of it, or of a portion of it, and then print the image file you get.

I think the easiest approach (no file clutter, using basic macOS conventions for all steps) that would provide the best quality is something like this:

  1. Hit ⌘P.
  2. From the PDF button, select “Open PDF in Preview”.
  3. In Preview, set Tools ▸ Rectangular Selection if necessary.
  4. Draw and adjust the rectangle to fit, and when it is the way you want, hit ⌘K to crop.
  5. Click the Print button to proceed.

And now you know how to do this for every single piece of software on your Mac (except those unruly ones ported in from other OSes that have their own print panels of course—although most do at some level acknowledge the advantages of using the system, like Chromium-based browsers do).

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As for the original problem—I don’t see that happening with wrapping getting messed up like you describe, however there is I think a better way to do this than creating a whole new document and copying and pasting:

  1. Use File ▸ Duplicate.
  2. Select the stuff you want to print alone and hit ⇧⌘I to Edit ▸ Invert Selection.
  3. Punch the delete key and ⌘P.

When you’re done, simply dispose of the duplicate without saving it.

Of course if one is feeling risky, they could also do this right in the original board, and hit Undo after printing. It’s so simple to operate on a disposable duplicate though, that I’m not sure if it is worth saving the extra two steps around the core select/invert/delete/print.

The challenge with all forms of printing from Scapple is that the page edges don’t necessarily fall in convenient places relative to the stuff on the board. The page guides help, but don’t accurately account for margins. I often have to nudge things around a little bit to keep them from being cut off.

(Shrinking to a single page solves this issue, of course, but Flyspeck 3 is hard to read.)


That’s one reason I bought an A3 printer. It only goes so far though.

Thanks AmberV. I feel a little foolish for not figuring that out myself.