Print with line numbers per page?

I feel dumb, but can’t figure out how to print manuscript proofs (or PDFs, but it shouldn’t matter) with line numbers per page (where the line numbers reset with each page).

Where is this found? Assuming it is…but Scriv can do nearly anything, so I’d be surprised if this was missing…

Thanks in advance,
Mike C

It has its own built-in line numbering feature, enabled with the Format/Options/Show Line Numbers menu command, but this will be true lines (i.e. paragraphs) and they aren’t something you can print. The feature you are referring to is available in most word processors with a simple flip of a switch. So I’d compile to RTF, load in LibreOffice of what have you and enable line numbering from there.

Ah, thanks so much. Good idea, but cumbersome. A good workaround, though.

Can’t believe something this basic is missing, but I guess “basic” isn’t the same as “often needed by users.”

Thanks, again!

And no doubt ‘basic’ is probably a totally different concept in programming the UI; what you are thinking of as “basic”—i.e. “it’s something I need much of the time”—may well be extremely complex for programming the UI in an app like Scrivener.