Print with target words

To print my outliner metadata with word counts, I have seen posts over the internet telling me to go to Page Setup, then hit the options button.

I am running the windows version of Scrivener.
When I go to File > Page Setup there is NO options button.
The only options I have are page margins, portrait or landscape and what tray I choose from my printer.

Any idea how to print my manuscript outliner meta data and word counts?
I just want to print the list I see on the screen!
ie: chapters scenes, word counts, PoV, and the status (edited, first draft etc)

I’ve been doing screen dumps into word (which takes ages and is clumsy) and then adding things up by hand on print outs! That’s medieval!
There must be a way. :wink:

I can get the outliner with Metadata, and synopsis etc but not word counts.
And the outliner prints as lots of documents not a list with chapter headings wordcounts and status.

Just to note: you were posting in a Mac thread, so I split this to the Windows forum.

There isn’t a way yet to do what you are wanting, precisely. However I’m assuming you have Excel since you have Word. If you do, then you could export the outliner to CSV (using the columns you select, if you prefer), open that up in Excel and print from there. It shouldn’t take much time at all, depending on your columns. And if you want summations or anything, well you’re in just the right place to do it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Amber. That’s great. i wasn’t aware that I could export a csv file from outliner. It’s worked a treat! So cool. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: