Printable Corkboard?

I’m sorry if this has already been mentioned; I haven’t kept up with the wish list for a while, since Scrivener is doing all that I need. However, I found myself doing something last night and thinking ‘it would be great if I could do this automatically’, so here I am. It’s not a big deal, just a ‘this would nice’ type thing.

I am one of life’s outliners, and the corkboard is invaluable for me. I’m at the stage where I’m plotting a new story; I do this entirely with with corkboard cards; I create a new document for each chapter, type in a short summary and update the synopsis from that.

However, I can’t have my laptop with me during the day at the moment, so I am resorting to paper (horror!). Now, I know I can easily get a print out of the documents so far, and that’s fine. But my mind works in storyboard mode - I like having that physical structure, for some reason it actually helps.

So. last night I printed out pages of blank storyboards, and manually jotted down notes from Scrivener. I think it would be fantastic if there was a way that I could ask Scrivener to print my outline in storyboard format.

Hmmm. Sorry, that was a lot of info for a simple request!


Have you tried some of the various export draft options? You can narrow down what it exports to just the information you get in Corkboard and export everything to a document. It doesn’t look as nice as Corkboard does, but you get the flow of the outline.

For this type of thing, I like to turn on titles, synopsis, and meta-data. You get a nice overview of each scrivening in a big list.

Or if you really wanted graphical versions, you could take screen-shots (Shift-cmd-3, or Shift-cmd-4 if you want to control the area of the screen shot) and then print those.