Printed header

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When I print to PDF (to share my script in-development with peers) there is a header at the top of each page, saying essentially:

Filename being the name of the file, obviously, and the final number being page number.

Although I have no practical reason to remove it, I find it unsightly, particularly as its Arial or Helvetica font contrasts horribly with Courier, which I am using for the actual script. However, I cannot find any options to change the header. Are there any?

(Less importantly: is there an option to add a title page too, or should I just use a typical word processor when I need one?)

File > Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener > Text Options > uncheck the header options.

The basic print function (File > Print) is just for printing drafts of individual documents. Obviously you would want to use Compile Draft to print the actual manuscript, and you get more control over the header there.

You can add a title page if you want when using Compile Draft - you just add the title page as a separate document - see the Novel project template for an example of how to do this.

Hope that helps!
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Safe. Thanks again KB.