Printer Options and Page Numbers

I am new to Scrivener and uncertain how to make the page numbering appear at the bottom and centered in the form “Page x of y”. I read this means inserting tokens <$p> P and <$pagecount> but where do I do this? How do I access the header and footer setup? When I tried to use the instructions FilePage Setup and selected “Scrivener” the “Options” subheading never showed footers or headers that could be adjusted. Clearly I am missing something so advice with step instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, and welcome!

You can adjust the header and footer when you use the compile settings–Page Setup has much more limited options, as it’s more a means of just quickly printing out a single document or so. If you open File>Compile… and then press the triangle button to the right of the “Format As” drop-down menu, you should see an expanded pane of options. Click “Page Settings” at the bottom on the left list of tabs and you’ll see where you can edit the header and footer to put in the variables you want. The boxes correspond to the left, center, and right of the header/footer. If you want a separate header/footer for the first page, click the “Options” button there.


Page Setup just affects File > Print Current Document. For that, all you can do is set whether the page number and file name gets included - Print Current Document is just intended for printing rough drafts. For complete control, you need to use the Compile feature - that has a “Page Settings” pane that allows you to enter all of this information. Compile is pretty much one of the most important features of Scrivener, in that it takes the contents of your “Draft” folder and turns it into a single document for export or printing (although you can print subsections too).

Hope that helps.
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Thanks to MM and Keith. Once explained it all became obvious and worked perfectly -greatly appreciated your assistance.