Printer via USB sloower and slooooower and slooooo...

Sorry for putting this here, it’s totally a Mac problem. But I couldn’t find help in any other place, so I thought, maybe someone here knows anything…

I have a laser printer, an HP 1200, connected to my iMac (OS X.4) via USB and serial adapter.

In the beginning, this worked like a charm. You clicked “print”, and whoosh, printed paper came out.

This still happens from time to time, but since several weeks, printing has become a nightmare. More often than not the iMac is sending data and sending data and sending data and sending data… and nothing happens. Or it prints one sheet per 15 minutes. Or it prints the first sheet from hundred and tells “no print job” after that.

I even did’t know this behaviour from Windows… :imp:

Apart from the possibility that there is an Artificial Intelligence built into OS/X that prevents me from printing novel drafts that are not good enough - any ideas what to do?

I think the HP 1200 laserjet is the bottom half of my HP 1220 and I’m wondering about the “serial adapter” you mention. My HP 1220 has a USB port on it and so, I would imagine, does the iMac, so I’m not sure what the adapter is doing.

Some random suggestions (which you have probably already tried): Does this happen with all programs or only a few? Have you tried the printer with other computers? Have you downloaded the latest drivers (though I’d think you would have already done that when you got Tiger)? I’m assuming you’ve already turned it off for a while and checked the printer queue.

I haven’t used mine in a while just because it runs so hot, but iirc the emulation used by the Mac was Postscript. Perhaps make sure that’s still set up on the printer?

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. When I run into problems like these I tend to track down the fix and then promptly forget it. :frowning:

“Serial” was nonsense, it’s “parallel”. The HP1200LJ has only a parallel port (it’s a bit older), so I bought a piece of hardware that makes the translation between USB and Parallel. Worked fine for some time, as I said.

As far as I have noticed, with all.

Before the Mac-Age began here, it was connected to my old PC. Which is no longer available, but fell into disgrace… There were problems, too, but not this kind of problems.

No, I haven’t, but I ask myself why a new driver should fix something that has already worked with the old one… :laughing: (Could it be that a system update has changed something regarding printing?)

I switched it off and on. I rebooted the Mac. I did both. Changes nothing remarkable.

How do I do this? I did not set up anything - I plugged the printer in, the Mac chewed a little bit on it, then said: Ah, it’s a HP1200LJ! Okay, let’s go on! That was it. Was charming. But now that I have to have a look under the hood, I don’t know where to open it… :open_mouth:

So it’s only parallel? Hmm…

I have the old Belkin (iirc) Parallel -> USB adapter, but I used it with my old OLD iMac (a purple one, which tells you how far back that goes), but when I advanced to OS X, it was my understanding that there weren’t any drivers for it.

Ah, well… I was hoping I could help since I have used a similar set up in years past, but my old adapter is packed away and my HP 1220 is not only a floor away, I’ve only connected to it with my macs through USB (other than my old iMac years ago with OS 9).

Sorry I couldn’t help.

You may nee to see if the USB/PARALLEL adapter manufacturer has a new USB driver for your adapter.

WHen OSX does software updates sometimes they updates things that may effect the way certain adapters work. Which sounds like your probelm. Software update updated your OS and in turn outdated your USB device driver.

It is not a fact of your PRINTER drivers being old it as fact that they are to NEW or something else the USB adapter uses has been updated or changed.

So the first step I would do is look at your USB Adapter. Google the Manufacturere name and model number or go to their website and search for the MODEL NUMBER of the USB adapter. Look in their tech support for an updated USB driver for that is compatible with your OSX version

(Click on the Apple Icon go to ABout This Mac and it will tell you what version of OSX you have ie. 10.4.11)

If you have to call the USB adapter manufacturer tech support and explain the problem you are having and see if there is an updated USB driver for the device. If all else fails look on the internet for a NEWER USB/PARALLEL adapter device that is compatible with your current Operating System.

Actually, the “piece of hardware” that makes the transition from USB to parallel is only a piece of cable with two very different endings. So, where would I put a new driver into?

Anyway, of course I’ll go see the website of the manufacturer. If I find its name somewhere… :frowning:

I don’t know that this helps, but upgrades can cause strange problems … when Apple upgraded from 10.4.8 to 10.4.9, they made changes to the Firewire interface which suddenly blocked out a number of devices, including the FCA202 Audio Interface. I had to downgrade again … or rather, I bought another external drive which I made bootable and put 10.4.8 on it so that I could boot from that when I wanted to do a recording. I’m glad to say that it works fine with 10.5, except it has strange problems with my firewire hub …

It could well be that you are up against a similar development in the USB interface.


Never change a running system?

Not even a Mac?

:confused: (sigh…)

Hi, AndreasE,

I think there’s more going on than just a plug change. The drivers have to ‘translate’ parallel to serial (USB). Unfortunately, it’s apparently been too many years since I used mine to be of any help with specifics.

There were a number of USB converters that ceased to work for me when I went from OS 9 to OS X. Some companies blamed a change in OS X, while others just stopped supporting older devices (Dymo label printers with the 9-pin serial → USB adapter, for one). Can’t say that I’ve lost any others moving up the OS X food chain, though.

Since you did have it working with an earlier version of OS X, it does look like there was something internal changed in how OS X handles USB. You may end up having to buy another printer. Fortunately, B & W laser printers don’t cost much anymore.


This may help in looking for an answer to your problem as well. … No=2974624 … =de_a_smtd

Keyspan 10.5 Compatiblity … _faqid=697

Also many people have had success with HP printers using a GImp driver instead of the original HP driver

Thank you for all your hints. I’ll check it out and post, should I succeed…

I have a similar printer (LaserJet 6L) and went through several USB-Parallel converters before giving up and buying a used JetDirect EX Plus box on eBay. It’s an ethernet-to-parallel interface, so as long as you have an ethernet hub near your printer, it’ll work fine. It was easy to configure and has worked perfectly for years.

Of course, if your printer is nowhere near an ethernet jack, this is completely unhelpful and I apologize. But those USB-Parallel things are a real pain.