Printing a Draft in Progress

I am using Scrivener trial for NaNoWriMo and loving it but have a question. How can I print what I have so far without having to print each scene separately?

I want to print a copy of what I have so far for someone to read (they won’t be giving feedback now, so no worries :smiley: )

Do I have to do a compile? I’ve never done that before and the novel is not finished. . . I just want to be able to print out ALL of what I have so far and not sure how.


It’s pretty simple. You don’t have to compile.

Under the File menu, choose Page Set-Up. For Settings in the little window at the top of the pane (it may say ‘Page Attributes’ or something else but click on this and a menu will drop down), choose Scrivener, then click Options… on the bottom right of the pane and you’ll find a second pane (which will be self-explanatory) where you can set your pages and their contents up as you wish. Make your changes, click OK on the second pane, and then OK on the first.

When you’ve done that, choose the documents in the Binder that you want to print in the ‘traditional’ way - Cmd-Click, or Click, Shift-Click (you’ll see that the label on the icons in the middle of the Scrivener toolbar will now say ‘Group Mode’) - go to Print Current Document at the foot of the File menu, click it, your printer pane will open - and you’re on your way.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Hugh! That worked perfectly.