Printing a web page converted to text and hang problem

I’m having a problem printing a web page converted to text. Here is what is happening
I imported the following web page (menu File>Import>Web Page…): … oc_it.html

I can print normally the imported file from within Scrivener 1.11.

I then convert this web archive file into a text file (menu Documents>Convert>Web Archive to Text)
When I try to print the resulting text document, the Print Preview shows me only 2 pages of the document while it has 219 pages. If I print, I have a blank page followed by the first page followed by another blank page (numbered 3 in the header). I can view all the document in Scrivener but I cannot print but these 3 first pages, of which the first and third are blank pages.

I never had any such problem with my printer, a HP Laserjet 220 DN.

While I’m writing this, I notice another problem with Scrivener that happened many times recently: suddenly Scrivener use most of the processor power and then hang, so that I must force quit it. It happens so frequently that it is now making Scrivener mostly useless.

Scrivener has become an essential tool for me.
I hope to be able to recover its full functionality soon.

Thanks for your help.

When you have converted this web document to a text document, are there any big pictures in it? There is a bug in the OS X text system whereby if there is an image that is too big for the page, subsequent pages won’t get printed. (I’ve found a workaround for this for the next update.)

As for the hangs… Please read the sticky thread at the top of the Technical Support forum that explains how to report bugs. Just saying that Scrivener hangs gives me nothing to go on and therefore no hope of helping you or fixing it, so please read that post and then give me more of the relevant details so that I have a chance of reproducing it.

All the best,