Printing all columns in outliner?

So far I’ve only been able to print document titles with their synopses. Is there any way to print the remaining columns?

Sometimes it’s handy to break away from the screen and look at something on paper, i.e. a 10 page ‘timeline’ of the key scenes in your novel. And IMO it would be incredibly handy to do so with all those extra columns in the same listing.

Is this possible … or a feature request?


If you’re printing directly from the outliner, under File > Page Settings… switch “Settings” to “Scrivener” and then click the “Options…” button, switch the tab to “Outlines” and check the boxes for what you want to include. You can add labels & statuses, keywords, custom-meta data (not individually, though; it’s all or nothing), word/character counts, and targets.

If you’re doing it from the compile settings, in the Formatting pane check the box for “meta-data” which will add label, status, created and modified dates, keywords, and custom meta-data.