Printing an outline

I’ve just started using Scrivener (for Windows) based on the recommendation of other writers. Looks fantastic, hope you find the bounty bug soon.

My newbie question is: From a corkboard view, I’d like to print a hard copy of the note card Titles and Synopsis. (There currently is no text underneath any of the cards.) When I print I get a blank document (the blank text under each card.) Is there a way to print the Titles + Synopsis?




Glad you’re liking Scrivener so far! There’s no way at present to print actual index cards and such from the corkboard, but if all you want to do is put together an outline of your titles and synopses, that’s easily done via the Compile options. If you choose File>Compile, you can select the “…” button beside the Format As drop-down menu to see the expanded options. Select the “Elements” tab and then check the boxes just for title and synopsis on all the elements you want to include.

There’s a preset option that will set this up and format it a bit for you as well–try the “Enumerated Outline”. (Er, it’s not actually enumerated at present, so it’s a bit of a misnomer, but it will set you up with titles and indented and italicized synopses. Eventually with the enhanced compile options that will becoming later, this will give you a more traditional enumerated outline.)

Hope that helps!

Hi Jennifer,

Great stuff. Another newbie question:

The notecards I would like to print are in my “Ideas” folder, but when I go to “complie” it does not include my “Ideas” folder as an option. I tried including everything, but it still did not pick up anything in this folder.

Are some folders unincludable in the compile section?

Thanks again for you work bringing Scrivener to the PC. I appreciate the tool and am looking forward to buying the real copy when it comes out!


Oops, I should have mentioned that. Only documents within the Draft are available for compile (although once more of Collections gets implemented, you will be able to choose a collection for compile and these can contain items outside the Draft), so you’ll want to just drag your Ideas folder into the Draft temporarily, compile it (you can choose from the drop-down menu in compile to just compile items in that folder), and then drag it back. Collections will make this easier, but hopefully that’s not too much a pain for the present. Eventually corkboard printing should get in there, too, so you could just print your corkboard as index cards (or your outline from the outliner view), but that’s going to be a while yet.