Printing chapter titles in every page?

is it possible to print chapter title in very page?
I was trying to guess a variable <$ to put on the right header of the compile -> page setting sheet.


Unfortunately no. This was something that was discussed a bit and there are really two deal-breaker problems with it. The first is technical: the RTF exporter has to be hacked to even get the features we have, and this feature in particular would be stepping in a direction that isn’t even remotely easy to do with patches. You need sectional header and footer control, and there isn’t anything “exposed” in the Apple code that would make this easy to do. The second problem is conceptual: what is a chapter? You might call it a folder. Some might call it a single file because they don’t like to break things down to scenes. I call it a file group because I use folders for parts. What level is it at? Is that level steady throughout the outline? I might not be predictable. Scrivener is just so fluid about this kind of stuff, it’s kind of hard to just slap a token down like <$chaptername> when there is no such thing as a chapter except what we type into the interface.

There is a third problem which is the lesser of the batch, as it could probably be surmounted with a little extra coding. That is: currently the compiler proceeds through your outline piece by piece, appending data to a final document. It’s linear, and it works from front to back. The problem with the chapter header convention in typesetting terms is that very often you’ll need to calculate the proper header based on the content of the verso/recto layout. If a new chapter starts in the middle of the verso, but a third starts on the recto, if the header title is on the verso in layout terms, the third chapter title needs to be printed at the top, not the first or second. This would require the compiler to become: (a) backtracking: calculate then backtrack and recalculate to be aware of material following after the current point, and (b) pagination aware to a 100% level of accuracy. It will need to know exactly which page and which side of the book each chapter or section heading falls on, and produce the correct result for the preceding header section marking. This would of course, naturally, include blank-page calculation in the cases where “chaptertitle” is being told to page break.

Like I said, the third one could be surmounted, though it might come at a processing time expense. The compiler would probably have to do two sweeps, one big push for construction and another smaller one for header/footer section construction. The second problem could potentially be addressed but it would have to be done carefully so as to avoid being overly confusing. The first though is the real killer. This Apple engine is already being pushed and prodded way beyond it’s original design, and some features just can’t get shoved into it. It would take a text engine rewrite to the tune of Mellel, Nisus, Word: in other words, an awful lot of work.

Thanks for the esaustive answer.

I think I will solve the problem exporting the whole work on word or pages and then chaptering there by hand.

Does Word not have a function for adding headers by chapter title? I would have thought that is something it did out of the box. Granted you’ll need to get Scrivener’s title exports converted to the appropriate header style in the chosen stylesheet, but this is can be very easily done by choosing a distinctive font in compile for titles, and then using Word’s global format search and style application tool. You can get a solid outline in minutes, and from there any table of contents and page header functions should be fairly easy to apply.