Printing/compiling the sysnopsis

Loving the iOS version … another quick question: can I either compile or extract the synopsis entries?

Thanks in advance.

Not at the moment, although this is on my list.

Thanks and all the best,

I’d like to add a +1, or larger integer if allowed, supporting this idea. Thanks!

Here we are in May of 2018 still wishing for this. Or for a quick way of moving synopsis down to text. I guess I’ll try some copy / paste from some two-pane view.

OK open info then repeat:

Tap in synopsis, command a command c, tap in text, command v command option down. Repeat until dead.

Not horrible but it really means my early draft will be more difficult than if I could compile with synopsis. Need change in workflow. Sucking it up, trying to be brave. :slight_smile:

Show Synopsis in the thingie that is at the bottom of the text window with the horizontal bars, that brings up the titles and text would be nice, and fit my need, if it’s easier.