Printing draft exactly how it appears in Scrivener Editor

Hello, I’m looking for any wisdom on how to compile and print my work-in-progress exactly how it appears on the Scrivener Editor.

I have selected which sections I want to compile, and have succeeded at compiling them into a PDF (which I will eventually print). However, the resultant PDF is formatted as a nice, double-spaced manuscript of my project, however it doesn’t look anything like my project as it is on my Scrivener project Editor screen.

Basically, I want the hard paper copy of my draft to look exactly like my Scrivener project (when it’s set to document view, page view). This is the only way I’ll be able to make line edits on my paper draft, and then easily go back into my Scrivener draft to make the needed edits.

Has anyone out there succeeded at printing a draft like this, which prints exactly as it appears in Scrivener? I have tinkered around with formatting options, but so far only found ones like “Manuscript,” “Paperback,” etc., which essentially turn my draft into a whole new thing.

Perhaps this will work for you: if your editor page is set up to be the same as the paper in your printer, CMD P will print the loaded documents as they appear on the screen, without compiling. I suggest using CMD P and then “Save as PDF” so you can see the layout before burning through paper and ink.

Check: File > Page Setup > Page Attributes > Scrivener to tweak the layout as necessary.

The Print Current Document command (Login’s suggestion) is what I use.

The “Default” Compile Format is another good alternative.