Printing Error

The other day I compiled a Scrivener project straight to print, rather than making a PDF or RTF file first, and encountered a strange error. Starting on page 6, a space equivalent to two letters was underlined at the beginning of every other line, even when that line was blank. Then, starting on page 25, a space equivalent to five letters was underlined roughly in the middle of the lines between the ones with the two-character underscore. In each case, the problem began with a word that was supposed to be underlined. But Scrivener kept printing out the underscoring, in the same place on alternate lines, for the rest of the document.

No other document printed on this printer has this issue, so I know it’s Scrivener. Is this a known problem? Is there any solution?

Do the documents in question contain any annotations or comments?

Nope, not a one. It’s a pretty simple document. The only formatting is the occasional bit of underlining.