Printing from generated PDFs comes out as white paper (no text)

Compile to PDF then opened in Preview (or PDF Reader Pro Lite), I see the text, but when printed (hardcopy), all I get is white paper.
On the other hand, Compiling to “print” in Scrivener, I see words on paper, so that’s working.
My guess: Something funky in the PDF data?

Mac OS: Sonoma 14.0 (MacBook Pro, M2 chip)
Scrivener: 3.3.6 (16305)

Failing Steps:
Compile → Scrivener Formats, Paperback (6" x 9"), Compile for: PDF, save as file.
Open file (in Mac Preview or PDF Reader Pro Lite). Text appears OK, but Print from there and get only white paper. (No text.)

Success Steps:
Compile → Scrivener Formats, Paperback (6" x 9"), Compile for: Print, text appears on paper Okay.

Scrivener project and the failing PDF have been saved if you need them.
Best regards!

I should add the project was edited by Pro-Writing Aid (vs 2.4.23983) a few hours previously. I made sure to fully exit from PWA before re-opening the project in Scrivener but it complained the project was still open. I clicked the override after double-checking to be sure PWA was no longer running.
The PDF printing issue arose after that.

Scrivener was updated earlier today.
Mac OS updated recently.
And PWA was also updated yesterday.

[Sigh] Glad I’m “retired” from the coding business now.

As a quick check, do you have another computer, device or printer you could check with? The failure point you describe is completely outside of Scrivener (printing from Preview), and unless there is wild dark magic going on that makes it so Scrivener creates a PDF that looks fine but doesn’t print fine in other programs, I don’t think Scrivener actually has much to do with the equation here. In theory such wild dark magic should be impossible. If the PDF has black “ink” in a spot, then toner should be applied to that spot on the paper.

I would also of course try printing from another program, to rule out any malfunction in Preview, as it is a brand new beta-level OS version as well. I would go as far away from Apple tech as possible to test it well, like using Adobe Reader, or maybe even a non-Apple web browser that has a built-in PDF viewer.

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Along the same lines, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a PDF in another tool, such as Word.

There have been reports elsewhere about this bug in Sonoma. If rumors are true, tomorrow, October 24th, macOS 14.1 will get released. Since it took Apple about five updates of Ventura to just fix the broken printer tray setting I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high that they will be faster to fix this apparently bigger bug.

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I upgraded my MacBook (M2 silicon) to Sonoma 14.1 and the problem is fixed. Same PDF but now it prints Okay.
Apparently it was a PDF issue (in the print subsystem).
Thanks to all for the suggestions and assistance.

Use of PWA (Pro Writing Aid) does not appear to have been related to this issue.