printing icons in Outline or Corkboard view

I am using icons to quickly designate key elements about my outline (eg. song vs text). Is there a way to include the icon when printing the outline or corkboard view?

thank you!

There aren’t any ways of doing that short of printing screenshots, which obviously isn’t ideal. Custom icons are the least integrated piece of metadata in Scrivener—they cannot be searched for, exported in any fashion or otherwise made use of—I would almost hesitate to call them metadata for that reason, but they still technically are, in that there is nothing inherent in the word metadata that implies it should be part of a larger ecosystem. I would definitely consider using another metadata type for something significant enough to be printed.

What I often do if I end up in a case where I need something to be functionally different and as well I would like for it to be aesthetically different, is to create a document template that defines both of those things at once. That way I’m not having to set the label to “Song” and the icon to the musical notes every time I make a new song item. I just go to the Project ▸ New From Template ▸ Song menu command.

Thanks for this Amberv. Hopefully Scrivener adds icon printing in the near future as it’s an easy, and minimally invasive way, to signal something about a section (eg. song vs text).

In the meantime, I’m experimenting with labels and keywords which, while better than nothing, isn’t fully ideal.

If emoji characters are sufficient for your “Icon” needs, I think you can assign them as a Status value, and then you can include them as status stamps on the cork board, or from the Status column in the outline view. Also, if you are using status values for something else, custom metadata pop-up lists allow you to set a variety of emoji (with our without accompanying words) as selectable values for that field.

Once it’s a part of the “proper” metadata fields, you can customize compile setting to output that “icon”.