Printing Index Cards

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but at the moment when I click on the project so that the Index Cards appear, the Print option isn’t available. Is there any way you can make this possible? I would like to have the cards printed; it’s just nice to have a visual aid on paper…

I am afraid there is currently no way to print the index cards, no (you’re not the first person who has asked, and it’s on the list for investigation for 2.0).

You can just print the outline (title and synopses) by only checking titles and synopses in the Export Draft sheet and then clicking on the “print” button in that sheet.

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A workaround I used sometimes, is to grab the index card portion of the screen with the Cmd-Crtl-Shift-4 shortcut, pasting it into a different program, and then printing from there. Not really elegant, but it works, and is quick enough with a few tens of cards.


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Try this out :

It will capture the smallest of details, and place them in the preview window for printing off.

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I export the index cards by just selecting titles and synopses in the export options and set up a word file with index card-sized paper 6x4. Then I actually print to index cards which I can pin up on my story board.