Printing index cards

Hi. I really want to print the index cards I have made so I can arrange them on my wall, away from the computer. Is there any way I can do this easily? I’ve tried exporting the appropriate information to Word but it looks like a real mission to get it to replicate the look of an index card. Surely there must be a simple way to do this?



Not yet. The best you can do is print out using the Compile feature with only Title and Synopses selected. In the next version of Scrivener, the ability to print to 3x5 index card stock will be available, or for people without perforated stock, you can at least print to standard paper and use scissors, there will be crop lines and such to make that easy.

Great. Thank you. Do you know when the next version is scheduled to come out?

Q1 2009. :wink:

KB is aggressively pursuing it now per several posts lately. Last post I read was 2q10 or there about. This is a MAJOR rework so the wait will be worth it.

Yes, it should be out late this year or early next - there’s still a lot to do. But 2.0 does indeed include index card printing, either 3-down in portrait mode to fit Avery index cards, or a 2x2 grid landscape with cutting guides.
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Are index cards standard between the US and UK, or is the sizing different as it is in paper sizes?

Standard. 5x3 usually.

Cool. Thanks!