Printing information from corkboard index cards

I struggle every time I have to print the synopsis information from my index cards.

I know how to print index cards - I go to cork-board view, hit print and cross my fingers.
However, the index card formatting is huge and prints a lot of pages with wasted blank space.

Once, in the past, I managed to print the information from my index cards without them being in the index card format. The synopses were printed in order with space between them.
I’ve been hunting forums, the user manual etc for over an hour.

PLEASE help!
PS: The user manual seems to explain what functionality is available, but it’s not always clear HOW TO achieve that functionality. IE: Go to this view, this toolbar and select x etc.
Thanks for a reply.

You want to just compile the synopses. Try File > Compile and choose “Outliner” from the “Format As” drop-down menu as a start–this will compile the titles and synopses of your Draft documents (excluding any that have been deselected for “Include in Compile”). If you want to refine it further, click the blue arrow to the right of Format As to expand the compile window to show all the options, and you can pick and choose what documents to include from the Content menu and what parts of the document (title, synopsis, other metadata, etc.) and how it should look in the Formatting tab.

Thanks, that did the trick. :smiley:
I was viewing the outline and trying to print , or viewing the cork board and hunting for a print cork board /synopses option.

Are there other cool tricks to do with printing that we should be aware of?

Glad it worked for you!

If you sprinkle a pinch of salt over your shoulder on the third full moon of the year while standing on a stack of Dickens and Hemingway in a clearing in a 500-year-old wood, with a Tolstoy opened to exactly the halfway point and balanced carefully on your head, you can turn around three times while singing O Fortuna and then click Print and Scrivener will generate a full-length manuscript into your waiting hands.

This assumes you have a battery-operated printer or a really long power cord.

You’re right! That is a cool trick, but last time I tried it, I used a dash of pepper in the salt and got my manuscript hot off the press!!! :confused: :laughing:
Wi-fi works - didn’t need batteries! I live near the edge of the woods!!!
You’re a wealth of into… as we say in New Zealand (from our British cousins), “Ta muchly, love!”

I cannot find the “Outliner” under “Format As” in order to compile my Synopsis and a metadata column I created. Also, when I click the blue arrow I see no options to refine it further. I want to print my outline as PDF.